Public Classes/ workshops

I offer bespoke private yoga tuition for both individuals, groups and corporates in West, South West and Central London. Sessions can be held in your home or office or, even, if nice weather the park. When working one to one or small groups I will create a specific programme depending on the needs and requirements of the student/s. This could be a strong power class or a quieter more grounded restorative yin class or something in the middle. Please email me on for enquiries and rates.

Public Classes

Tuesday 8.30 Yin Yoga 60 minutesThe Power Yoga Company – Parsons Green

Thursday 12.15 Yin Yoga 60 minutesTriyoga – Soho

Thursday 14.15 Yin Yoga 75 minutesThe Light Centre – Belgravia

Thursday 18.15 Yin Yoga 75 minutesTriyoga – Chelsea

Friday 19.00 Yin Yoga 60 minutesTraining & Resource Centre, Wandsworth 

Upcoming Workshops

Yin Yoga Workshop – Sewing the Seed for New Beginnings
Wednesday 1st January 2020

1.30- 3.30pm

Triyoga, Chelsea


Through the slow and meaningful practice of yin this workshop will give you time to reflect on the last year and to plant the seeds for new beginnings.  Winter is a time for bedding down and hibernating, but also for forming and planting the seeds for the forthcoming Spring and Harvest.  It is not about making wilful resolutions, more about searching and allowing creativity to flow.

Expect a slow and graceful yin practice, targeting the organs of Winter, the Kidneys and Bladder, the organs in Chinese Medicine associated with fertility, birth, growth and development.  We will also work through some acupressure points on the meridian to release and generate qi of these organs and to propagate our inner resolve.  We will finish with a yoga nidra.

You will experience deep emotional and physical release, leaving you feeling refreshed and renewed, ready to take on the challenges of the New Year.

Open to all levels – and for all those who want to relax and regenerate after the festive season and also for those who want to create and produce for the forthcoming year.

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