Public Classes/ workshops

I offer bespoke private yoga tuition for both individuals, groups and corporates in West, South West and Central London. Sessions can be held in your home or office or, even, if nice weather the park. When working one to one or small groups I will create a specific programme depending on the needs and requirements of the student/s. This could be a strong power class or a quieter more grounded restorative yin class or something in the middle. Please email me on for enquiries and rates.
Public Classes/ workshops

Tuesday 8.30 Yin Yoga 60 minutes – The Power Yoga Company – Parsons Green

Wednesday 10.00 Yin Yoga 60 minutes – Training & Resource Centre, Wandsworth – Wandsworth

Thursday 12.15 Yin Yoga 60 minutes – Triyoga – Soho

Thursday 18.15 Yin Yoga 75 minutes – Triyoga – Chelsea

Upcoming Workshops

Yin Yoga Workshop celebrating the season of Late Summer
Friday 27th  September 2019

7.30- 9.30pm

Triyoga, Chelsea

A workshop to celebrate the practice of yin yoga and the season of Late Summer, which is, in Chinese Medicine is the time of the Spleen and Stomach organs.  We will work through poses deliberately targeting the Spleen and Stomach channels as well as applying acupressure to some of the points along this channel, to stimulate and nourish the Qi.

This workshop will begin with a short introduction into the function of the Spleen and Stomach organs, understanding their role in digestion and a short talk about nutrition in Chinese Medicine.  It will be followed by a deeply nourishing yin practice targeting these organs.

You will gain an understanding of the digestive organs and nutrition in Chinese Medicine, how to eat for the seasons and how to nourish our Qi with food. You will also learn poses and acupressure points to nurture the Spleen and Stomach organs and channels.

For all levels

Yin Yoga and Chinese Medicine Workshop – Celebrating Autumn
Saturday 10th October 2019

1.30- 3.30pm

The Power Yoga Company, Parsons Green

Autumn is a period of transition when we can be susceptible to colds as well as emotional turbulence as we say goodbye to Summer. This restoring and nourishing workshop will draw on the wisdom of Chinese Medicine and the theory of meridian lines, focusing on the lung and large intestine channels, opening into the upper body.  Autumn is the season of the Lungs and Large Intestine, and the time when imbalance may be triggered in them.

The lungs allow us to ‘take things in’ and conversely, ‘let things go’. Thus the workshop will encourage the letting go of emotions, behavioural patterns and beliefs that no longer serve us, as well as inspiring a connection to ourselves on a spiritual level.  The Lungs in Chinese wisdom are our connection to the Heavens and our spiritual side.

You will leave the workshop feeling refreshed and grounded, and with a renewed sense of vigour for the forthcoming months.

All levels welcome, no yoga experience required.


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