“I wanted to THANK YOU for the most amazing teacher training, even though it was challenging at times.
You teach with such joy and passion and you are incredibly charismatic and draw everyone in.  You provide a safe and welcoming space where students feel comfortable to question and learn and your patience with each of us has been amazing.  Your wanting to share and inform others is amazing along with your humour and down to earth attitude which puts everyone at ease instantly.  Your knowledge of anatomy is outstanding and your teaching and presentation of such a dry subject is fun and engaging.  You don’t over promise and you are willing to listen and question things yourself.  There is a special skill in this and you have it – I am in awe! “
Ali Masterman, Yoga Teacher
“I did not know Cal and only booked into her Teacher Training because of friends mentioning her. I can not be more grateful to those friends.
I have learned, discovered and experienced my body in a physical, emotional and energetic level, in ways I never thought I would.
And if that was not enough, I laughed in the process!”
Clara Lopez, Yoga Teacher

“I absolutely loved Cal’s Yin Yoga teacher training. Cal was very generous in sharing her vast knowledge of yin, anatomy, and Chinese Medicine with us. I feel like I walked away from that training with a much greater understanding of my own body as well as the ability to see and understand bodies as unique according to individual anatomy, and to empower my students to develop a greater sense of listening to and honouring their own bodies. Cal’s passion for yin and expertise is evident in the way that she inspires everyone to find a way to benefit from the practice and also in her genuine interest in how different bodies respond to different poses. I felt very supported in my training and beyond it too, I’d highly recommend this training to anyone looking to teach yin but also anyone looking to deepen their own yin practice, and their understanding of anatomy and and yin yoga philosophy.”

Ines Loughrey, Yoga Teacher

“I loved my yin training with Cal, it breathed new life into all my teaching. I felt confident to go out and start teaching yin straight away. I use all the tools I have been given to plan classes around meridians, the Five Elements and TCM which is fascinating to both me and my students. I highly recommend this course.”

Katie Fobbester, Yoga Teacher

“Yin training with Cal was an enlightening experience on so many levels. I can honestly say that I grew both professionally and personally across the three modules. I left each training feeling nourished physically and emotionally whilst stimulated mentally. The combination of theory and practice ensures you leave the training with a good understanding of physical anatomy, Yin asanas and the underlying philosophy. Most importantly I felt fully equipped and confident to teach Yin. Cal’s passion for Yin is infectious and she is a veritable wealth of knowledge. Cal went above and beyond to facilitate the students learning experience and her interactive teaching style gently encouraged the engagement and involvement of each and every student. An unexpected advantage of the training was that it has hugely influenced my Yang yoga practice. Through heightening awareness of my body’s strengths and anatomical limitations I have been liberated from any hang ups about perfect alignment and instead fully focus upon what feels right for me in the moment. If you are considering Yin training for either teaching or personal growth, then look no further then this course.f this discipline, look no further.”

Alyson Maunder, Child and Young Person’s Therapist

“I have been a student of Cal’s for 4 years & continue to learn from this incredible, inspiring teacher & individual. Her immense passion, dedication & commitment to her role as teacher & mentor is unwavering. I completed Yin Teacher Training with Cal as a result of her wealth of knowledge & experience regarding yoga philosophy, anatomy, Chinese medicine & meridian lines. She teaches from the heart with an unquestionable authenticity & like a true genuine teacher, wants to impart her knowledge onto others for the better good. Her teaching is in depth & is also backed up with references, articles & case studies.”

Tammy Walker, Yoga Teacher

“If you ever have the opportunity to participate in any training offered by Cal, take it! I had the fortune to sign up for Cal’s yin teacher training programme. The knowledge that is imparted is extensive and I felt, as a yoga teacher myself, covered everything that was needed to really understand both what and who we are teaching when we step in front of our own classes. Cal’s style is engaging, informative and fun. She imparts HUGE amounts of information with passion, confidence and compassion. Her philosophy and purpose is clear and her own expertise is unquestionable. I guarantee you will benefit and enjoy her input whether you are a yoga teacher, a personal trainer, or a dedicated yogi yourself. ps Also look out for her yoga classes – they are FAB!”

Jocelyn Ashton, Yoga Teacher

“I loved the training, loved your style of teaching and loved the atmosphere. Thank you. I taught this morning and implemented some new nuggets of info and knowledge from your training. The difference in my teaching was amazing. I think both the way I really saw the structure of their bodies as they moved – very cool – thank you.”

Juliet Dennis, Yoga Teacher, Mother of three

“There is so much more to Yin than putting on tunes and chilling out in a pose for 3-5 minutes. Cal’s Yin and anatomy Teacher Training gave me a deeper understanding of how and why each person’s physical experience of their yoga practice is unique and individual. The introduction to Meridian lines brought an awareness of how, as teachers, we can use this practice to help ourselves and our students support their bodies physically, emotionally and energetically.”

Aimme Rutherford, Yoga Teacher

“Cal is a wonderful and inspiring teacher with deep expertise.  She is firm but still mindful in her teaching approach, and you leave her class feeling inspired and curious for more learning.  Learning from her as a practitioner in her class and also as a trainee during her teacher trainings, I feel comfortable and confident that I am learning from a teacher with a wealth of knowledge and experience.  She teaches yoga masterfully unveiling the yoga philosophy and marrying it with nutrition and lifestyle.  Cal’s strong understanding of body anatomy differentiates her among the teaching community, as she strongly promotes safety while encouraging each yoga student to get the most from their practice with respect to their own body anatomy.  I am happy for the opportunity to have Cal as my teacher and mentor.”

Sanja Décla Pavloska, Yoga Teacher

“From the first moment I entered Cal’s class I knew I had found the perfect teacher and inspiration for me. Cal has enormous knowledge and experience of yoga, anatomy and nutrition but also a deep understanding of the profound esoteric philosophies, which she beautifully imparts through her teaching. She is a wonderful instructor, strong and firm, yet gentle in coaxing the body.”

CB, NHS Consultant

“After attending one of Cal’s workshops and learning so much about anatomy, I was delighted to find out that she was running an intensive and intimate Yin Teacher Training course. Cal’s experience and passion for the subject really shone through. I couldn’t even begin to share how much she packed in to a few days; but the biggest thing I’ve taken away is a much improved appreciation from the uniqueness of each human body and how that presents itself in any yoga practice.”

Clare Hindley, Yoga Teacher

“Cal makes me and my body smile, her Yin yoga classes in particular have been a revelation to me.  The slow Yin practice allowed me to access muscles that have never before been willing to stretch and release.  Cal teaches straight from the heart, she ha a brilliant sense of humour and an easey going approach which makes you feel welcome and relaxed in her classes regardless of your previous experience.  She is extremely knowledgeable and shares this with an easy to follow manner, lightness and humour.  I am so grateful to have found her!”

AH, Athlete

 “For me Cal’s amazing classes are what yoga is all about; I leave with an energised body, a clearer mind and feeling lighter, brighter ans stronger. Her extensive knowledge of the anatomy, meridians and also yin postures are interspersed throughout the classes, with a fusion of fun and laughter. I honestly cannot recommend Cal and her classes enough, once you start going you won’t want to stop!”

HP, HR Director

“Cal always radiates calmness, positivity, and a nurturing energy. She is also a very adept teacher who is truly tuned in to the needs of her students and has a natural ability to read bodies. This particularly comes through in her yin class since the pace of the practice means that she can fine tune each individual’s postures. She always has wise suggestions about ways in which students can deepen or ease postures, so all students, however flexible or otherwise receive a tailor-made practice.”

LH, Doctor

“Cal defines Yin Yoga for me; a walking encyclopedia of knowledge delivered with care, compassion and creativity (and a rather curious sense of humour!) Not sure how I would survive Monday morning without her Sunday Night Yin – book early to avoid disappointment….”

MS, Entrepeneur

“Cal has been my yoga teacher for 3 years now. I practice her vinyasa flow, yin and meditation classes and have done 2 retreats with her. Cal is intelligent, smAs a mum of three finding anytime for just you is exceptionally difficult. Our yoga sessions with the lovely Cal are the one time a week when my world stopped and I could just be. My sense of calm restored within minutes. Cal tailored our sessions to my needs post natal and helped me regain my pre pregnancy strength and figure. For my husband it was a chance to stretch and to help his running stay injury free. It was a perfect Monday evening for us both.”

LR, mother of 3

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