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My Yin & Anatomy Teacher Training

I am so excited to announce my yin yoga training dates for 2022. After a brief hiatus – a pandemic and a baby I am Back with a capital B.  [...]

My Yin & Anatomy Teacher Training2022-02-17T19:26:50+00:00

The Irony of YogaLand

There are several ironies about yoga, which Yogaland doesn’t like to acknowledge. 1; the proclamation it is a practice for everyone, that it is inclusive and is accessible for all [...]

The Irony of YogaLand2019-07-19T09:51:02+01:00

How does acupuncture work???

When someone asks me “how does acupuncture work?” they ask with a skeptical raised eye brow and with a tone of suspicion and disbelief.  This is even when they are [...]

How does acupuncture work???2019-07-08T14:13:20+01:00

Sun, Sand & Sex

We always feel better when the Sun is shining, and this is not exclusive to the English.  Sure, us Brits have an obsession with the weather and we like to [...]

Sun, Sand & Sex2019-07-08T14:13:25+01:00

New Year’s Resolutions

Everyone at this time of year is talking about New Year’s Resolutions.  In the past I have always been a keen bean to set my goals for the year.  And [...]

New Year’s Resolutions2019-07-08T14:14:07+01:00

Chinese Medicine – The Metal Element

Along with the principles of yin and yang, the theory of the Five Elements also underpin Chinese Medicine.  Five Element theory divides the energy and structure of the universe in [...]

Chinese Medicine – The Metal Element2019-07-08T14:14:14+01:00

The F Word

This is a long over due post. Anyone who comes to my yoga classes or in close vicinity of me knows that fascia, the f word, is one of my [...]

The F Word2019-07-08T14:15:01+01:00

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