So I thought a little about how I would relate The Big Smoke and Yoga, because if we are going to be really honest, granted there is lots of yoga in London, but the two don’t really go hand in hand. I mean London is a big metropolis full of people, smoke, noise, it’s frenetic and we are all time poor.  Yoga is about calming down, finding space, breathing big gulps of fresh air, being still.  So  I’ve come up with a plan… any yoga classes or workshops which I go to in that week in The Big Smoke, I will note at the end and add a little description and or recommendation.  Other than that I am going to write about anything which takes my fancy and of course, sometimes, it will be about yoga and sometimes about the fantastic city I live in.  The city, which, if you tire of, you tire of life. I think London was a very different place in Samuel Johnson’s day.  There were a lot less cars and noise and people.  No mobile phones….

Lumi Power Yoga – has just opened.  Fantastic classes.  My all time favourite teachers Ari an Elina are founders.  Try it out:

You won’t regret it.