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The Humble Mung Bean

The mung bean is an unassuming bean, often looked-down-upon, often sneered at bean, ‘what you, beardy weirdy, mung bean eating, navel gazing, yoga worshiping, Birkenstock wearing hippie?’ It doesn’t help [...]

The Humble Mung Bean2021-02-26T21:27:30+00:00

The Irony of Botox

I've recently started frequenting Pret a Manger again (once I realised it was no longer owned by MacDonalds)... at the till I am greeted with a smile, small chit chat [...]

The Irony of Botox2019-07-08T14:15:17+01:00

Horses are magical creatures

Ever since I can remember I have held a deep seated, profound, intense fascination with horses. To me they are the pinnacle of beauty, with their delicate heads, kind, intelligent [...]

Horses are magical creatures2019-07-08T14:17:59+01:00

Full Moon Tonight

I love the moon, more realistically I am a self admitted obsessive.  And in part, although I don't like the long drawn out nights of the Winter, this is when [...]

Full Moon Tonight2019-07-08T14:17:00+01:00

The Big Smoke

So I thought a little about how I would relate The Big Smoke and Yoga, because if we are going to be really honest, granted there is lots of yoga [...]

The Big Smoke2019-07-08T14:16:53+01:00

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